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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for November 11, 2014

Cheer up, everyone!

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Shaun Botterill

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Hey remember when fans of an under-performing team weren't insufferable negative Nellies? Me neither, but lets try real hard.

And now the "news"

Erik Lamela, Born To Play Football-Guardian

More like born to breathe oxygen then figure it out from there.

Klinsmann Feels Tottenham Fan's Pain-Telegraph

Never a good idea to say something that sounds a lot like something Bill Clinton said to the country right around the time he was feeling Monica Lewinsky's..."resume".

The No Shoe Assist-SB Nation Soccer

Telling the no-look pass to suck it since whenever this happened.  Related: he should purchase better shoe laces.

An unexplainable Goal-SB Nation Soccer

This must be really old footage and someone in like the 1950s saw this and was like "Oh, I just came up with the idea for pinball".

A Rokkie Just Scored The Gal Of The Year-SB Nation

Hockey still exists. Let us all be happy.