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Kyle Naughton to serve two match ban after red-card appeal rejected


Shaun Botterill

Hey, you guys? Remember that time when we got all excited when Kyle Naughton finally came back from injury and it meant that we'd finally have an actual player who is an actual right back starting for Tottenham Hotspur?

That was awesome.

The English Football Association rejected Kyle Naughton's appeal of his red card from Sunday's match in a ruling today, meaning that he will now serve a two match ban for denial of a goal-scoring opportunity. While a DOGSO is normally a one-match ban, this is Naughton's second red card of the season, so he gets an extra game to go to his room and think about what he's done.

This means that so long as Kyle Walker is still out injured, we're back to starting Eric Dier at right back. There are various unsourced and completely out-of-nowhere reports that Walker is back in training with the first team and could be in contention for matches after the international break, but nothing reliable enough to even link to. So until we hear otherwise, it's back to the Dier Wolf, and the bourbon.

This week has been awesome, you guys. Just truly fantastic. What'll happen next? Harry Kane gets hit by a meteor?