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Adebayor responds to fan criticism

And he's not wrong

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Jamie McDonald

Earlier this week, Emmanuel Adebayor spoke out about Tottenham's home support. Spurs fans have not reacted well. Some of the team's most vocal supporters have not taken the criticisms well. Well Adebayor took a few minutes on the twitter machine to respond to their complaints today.

Tottenham fans do not like Emmanuel Adebayor for a variety of reasons: he used to play for Arsenal, he feuded with AVB, his form has been incredibly hit or miss, he made a lot of money of Manchester City. However, whatever you think of Adebayor, he is not wrong.

Look at what he originally said.

"I think it might be better to play away from home at the moment because at least we know beforehand we are guaranteed to be booed because they want their home club to win. But when you are playing at home and your own fans start booing you after a few minutes then it is harder.

Lest we think Adebayor is just mouthing off and a malcontent, he is our Vice Captain, which means he's probably speaking on behalf of the squad.

Also, he is not wrong. Our form at home is not good. We have already had one opposition manager say that White Hart Lane's crowd helped them beat Spurs this year. Our fans are not the only reason our team is struggling lately, and they aren't even the biggest reason, but a more positive atmosphere couldn't hurt.

But hey, why back the team when you can just use Adebayor's comments to get in some cheap digs and use them as a jumping off point for your own unrelated agenda.