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Franco Baldini facing an internal inquest over his bad transfer dealings


If you got a physical copy of Tueday's London Evening Standard, you were treated to this massive table of all of the flops that Franco Baldini has signed. Of course, some of them aren't actually flops, but that's beside the point. The point is that Baldini has made a lot of bad transfer dealings and he's more likely than Daniel Levy or Mauricio Pochettino to be made the scapegoat for how bad Tottenham Hotspur are internally.

The Evening Standard's story details likely upcoming crisis talks between Baldini and Levy over the Italian's role at the club and why things are going so horribly wrong. He's going to have some very fun conversations in the near future.

Franco Baldini faces an internal inquest as questions are asked about his role at crisis-club Tottenham ... That leaves Baldini in the firing line and the Italian could be made the scapegoat for Tottenham's disastrous start to the season. He is seen by many now as a common denominator who presided over the reigns of Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood.

This, of course, is true. Baldini is a common denominator through three managerial reigns, two of which ended poorly and the third of which is currently going very poorly. He's made some poor signings, and that's had a negative impact on the club.

I don't think anyone believes that firing Baldini and either bringing in a new Director of Football or handing full control of transfer dealings over to Pochettino is going to fix everything, but as the weeks go by, it does get harder and harder to defend Baldini. Even if he's nowhere near the biggest problem at the club, it does appear that he is some kind of problem. He's also the easiest one to fix.