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Community Hoddle of Coffee

No word on Salmon Chase today, so here's your Community Hoddle for Wednesday.

Shaun Botterill

Happy Wednesday, Spurs fans! I guess the fumes from the tire fire emanating from the ruins of what used to be White Hart Lane were too much for the delicate constitution of Messr. Salmon Chase, as there was no Hoddle waiting for me when I woke up. So here's a Community Hoddle with a few stories to get you started.

And now, the "news"

Spurs targeting Fabian Delph in January swoop - Astral Football

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh, I'm gonna say... uhhh... no.

Napoli and Inter talking to Lamela's agent about exit - ITV Sport

"Talked with a player's agent" is the new Orange is the New Black. Didn't you know?

Les Ferdinand says Spurs have "lost their identity" - Sky Sports

So, you're saying that a club that just brought in a new manager needs time to create an identity because that can change with a lot of recent turnover? Got it.