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WDR Mailbag - Big Mailbag 6

Give us your Qs so we can give you our As

Shaun Botterill

Fun times in Tottenham land, huh? Well we're doing it a little late this week, but we're still doing it. Wheeler Dealer Radio is here to break it all down. What happened on Sunday? What is wrong with Spurs? Is our ownership aligned with Satan? Why don't we just buy another Modric? Why is Skipjack so handsome?

We'll answer these questions and more as we settle in for an international break, but there's no game to preview, so this is your chance to get in some questions. What do you want us to talk about?

Give us your questions below or on the twitter machine and we might answer them. Or not. You'll never know. OR WILL YOU? Actually you will. Because you will be able to listen to the podcast. Anyway, give us you questions.