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Tottenham's Adebayor and Soldado to be transfer listed for January sale

It's the Mail, but... well, yep.

Mike Hewitt

File this rumor under Totally Plausible Transfer Rumors That Literally Anyone Could Have Come Up With. The Mail is reporting that Mauricio Pochettino is set to transfer list Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Adebayor... but that the club is finding it hard to find any buyers.

There a couple of good points in favor of this rumor. Both Adebayor and Soldado have been pretty disappointing this season (and, with Soldado, all of last season as well). It's not a difficult thing to say that both have had plenty of opportunities to impress over the past stretch and neither have really done it. That, and the simultaneous rise of Harry Kane, makes this rumor somewhat low-hanging fruit.

The second part of it is also pretty easily made: nobody's interested. Emmanuel Adebayor could probably be had for a ham sandwich and a bag of chips, but he's on absolutely insane wages at present – reports range from £100k - £170k/week – and Ade's been pretty adamant about wanting to keep those wages at a similar level due to his involvement in various Togolese charities that he operates. When you're dealing about wages at that level, it's going to be difficult for clubs that aren't Manchester City, Monaco, or PSG to go for it. For Soldado, it's probably the opposite problem. His wages are highish, but Spurs will also probably want to recoup the majority of the £26m they paid for him in the summer of 2013, which makes it a tough sell.

As a counterpoint, there's one good point against this rumor: it's the Mail.

There are lots of reports floating around that Pochettino wants to upgrade his striking corps, and it's rather difficult to argue with them based on current evidence. But let's be honest, a rumor like this isn't exactly going out on a limb. Given the opportunity and the right price, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see one or both of Ade or Roberto go in January.