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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 18, 2014

Life lessons from Salmon Chase.

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Happy Tuesday Spursland! My Kingdom! My kingdom which consists entirely of this daily news and comment thingymajig, for one legitimately probable transfer rumor.  It's like that son.

And now the "news"

Spurs To Make Their Most Important Signing-Telegraph

This is a big signing sure, but the task in front of him seems to be insurmountable. He was to scout talent then convince all of Poche, Baldini, and Levy to go get them and get them at a good price. All three are very different footballing minds and three that haven't really jived before on players to get (just look at this squad if you need proof). It is akin to the task presented to a friend of mine who was tasked this year to cook for the first time her family's Thanksgiving meal minus the turkey. An astronomical amount of work for anyone let alone someone who has never contributed before and is also told she has to meet the food needs of guests who are gluten free, or vegetarian, or diabetic, or have Crohn's disease. You look at the task before you and your first thought is like "how the hell do you make that work?"

Comolli Says Redknapp Tried To Sell Bale-Sports Mole

Yeah, We knew that already.  But let me tell you a story sir about some good advice I got once. See, I had just left a position at a company that may or may not have been recently bought out by a company that may or may not be rumored to be leading a Spurs takeover bid, and it didn't end well. I was, for lack of a better term, just screwing those guys up and down, the company I worked for, the parent company that bought them out. And I was doing it everywhere to anyone. Finally someone pulled me aside and told me you don't get ahead and you don't get new jobs screwing your old employers in public. You save the screwing for gatherings with family and friends when you polish off that 9th beer. Best advice I ever got besides that time my dad dropped me off at college and said "don't f this up".

Kits For All 50 States-SB Nation Soccer

Because why not.

Medellin Celebrates 101 Anniversary In Style-SB Nation Soccer

You're the men/women now dog.

I'm Not Dignifying This With Words But Someone Probably Cares-SB Nation

Boy did I run out of steam today or what?