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Spurs fans are old, drive Fords, and like drama. It's true, I saw it online!

The YouGov website collects demographic data and allows you to search it. What's it say about football fans?

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A couple of days ago, someone pointed me to YouGov Profiles. It's really a market research site that does surveys, but also collects demographic data from the United Kingdom people that use it. The cool part is that you can then publicly search this demographic data and pull out a report that shows you the "quintessential" person that fits that category.

As you can imagine, I've been looking up fans of various football clubs. So what does it say about Tottenham Hotspur fans?

According to YouGov, Tottenham Hotspur fans are mostly male, 60+, and own cats. (Hmm. Sound like any bloggers you know?) Spurs fans like to eat mint chocolate ice cream, fried shrimp with spicy salt and pepper, and jellied eels (!!). Their personal interests include business finance, personal finance, and drama (FFS LEVY) and they describe themselves as "polite, conscientious, and thoughtful, but on occasion insecure, uncommunicative, and hesitant" (Which explains #ProfitBeforeGlory).

Spurs fans statistically shop at Sainsbury's, drive a Ford, and listen to Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. They spend their days reading the tweets of @OptaJoe@GaryLineker, and @charliesheen (#winning!). They spend their free time reading the Daily Mail and Hotspur Magazine.


...Yeah, nailed it. But what about other clubs?

Here's Arsenal. Gooners are female, 18-24, and own fish. Their favorite foods are coq au vin, empanadas, and salmon nigiri (probably roughly paralleling the faves of Arsene Wenger). They like writing, chess, boardgames, international news, and fashion design. They describe themselves as "original, relaxed, and analytical, but on occasion difficult, confrontational, and feckless."

Arsenal fans shop at Waitrose, tend to own Hondas, and listen to the Jackson 5, Ne-Yo, and Dr. Dre. Find them online haunting @piersmorgan@JohnCleese, and @persie_official (no doubt begging him to come home). They read The Guardian and The Economist.

By contrast, Chelsea F.C. fans are female, 18-24, own cats, and skew politically to the right-of center. They like dancing, painting, celebrities, beauty, and fashion/design. Their favorite foods are coleslaw (by a wide margin!),  pizza rustica, Ayam Gorent Kunyit, and I don't even. They describe themselves as "sensitive, a great performer, outgoing, but on occasion, stripy, silly, and miserable." (Sounds about right)

They shop at Sainsbury's, tend to drive Toyotas for some reason, and listen to Jason Derulo, Sheryl Cole, and Shaggy. On Twitter they follow @doctorchristian@mediaguardian, and @NathanFillion because obviously they're also secretly Firefly fans.

Now, these are based on a ridiculously small sample size and are not actually indicative (probably?) of what actual fans are like, but it's a heck of a lot of fun on a super slow news day and OMG can the football come back soon pleeeeeeeeeeeze.