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Real Madrid targeting Hugo Lloris to replace Iker Casillas

File this under "Duh."

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Well, we knew this was coming. The Express is reporting that Real Madrid has turned their billionaire Iberian eyes towards Hugo Lloris as a transfer target replacement. Madrid apparently has given up on signing David De Gea from United and now sees Lloris as the top target to replace longtime Real keeper Iker Casillas, whose contract expires in 2017.

Haven't we been here before? Despite signing Costa Rican shot-stopper and World Cup hero Keylor Navas this summer, Madrid clearly isn't satisfied and seems to be at least entertaining the idea of snapping up Hugo from their favorite English feeder program. And why wouldn't they? Hugo has been in outstanding form this season, easily the best player at Tottenham Hotspur. While he has made all the right noises about wanting to stay at Spurs, deep down we all really know that the only way to hang onto him long term would be to secure Champions League football, and Spurs haven't been able to do that. The signing of Michel Vorm was another clue that Hugo may not be long in North London.

Now, the usual caveats apply: no sources, low-hanging fruit, etc. But let's be real here: we all remember the last time we had a really good player that piqued Madrid's interest. Oh yeah, and there was the time before that. If it happens, at least we can be confident that we'll probably get a really freakin' good price for him.

Raise your hand if anyone's shocked by this. Anyone? ...Anyone? ...Bueller?