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Xherdan Shaqiri is ready to leave Bayern Munich. Do Spurs have a shot?

In a recent interview to the German press, Xherdan Shaqiri suggested he's ready to leave Bayern for a club that will play him. I know of one! Ooh! Ooh! I know!

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Bayern Munich winger Xherdan Shaqiri is a promising young Swiss talent, but he's mired behind Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery, Thomas Müller, and Mario Götze. In a recent interview with, Shaqiri indicated that he's willing to leave Bayern for a club that will offer him more playing time.

Darüber wurde genug geredet. Es ist bekannt, dass ich Einsatzzeiten forderte. Aber ich habe einen Vertrag bis 2016 bei den Bayern. Sie sind mein erster Ansprechpartner. Im Winter werden wir uns zusammensetzen.

Es war bekannt, dass ich im Sommer etwas machen wollte. Nach der WM habe ich gespürt, dass es für mich besser wäre, etwas Neues auszuprobieren. Ich dachte an einen Wechsel und hatte viele Anfragen. Dann entschied der FC Bayern, dass ich bleiben muss und soll. Da kannst du als Spieler nicht viel machen. Aber ich fühle mich in München auch sehr wohl.

I haven't really translated German since grad school, but thanks to Google Translate, the gist of it is that he'd like more playing time than he's gotten with Bayern, he wanted to move this summer after the World Cup, and while he's still happy at Bayern and under contract until 2016 he'd be very open to possibilities.

We've talked about Shaqiri before: he's also linked with Liverpool and Arsenal (aka the Usual Suspects™) and is also supposedly a target for Juventus. He could reportedly be had for around £20m and would likely waltz right into Tottenham's first team lineup. But are Spurs interested, and do they have a shot?

Well, yes, and maybe. Shaqiri is one of those targets that you go after whether or not you really have a perfect place for him, since he's young, extremely talented, and has the potential to become a world-class player. Spurs are, naturally, probably the underdogs for his signature behind Arsenal and Liverpool since they can't offer Champions League football, but both both Arsenal and Liverpool are ludicrously loaded at attacking midfield talent. Shaqiri might find it just as difficult to get regular playing time there. If he likes Mauricio Pochettino, wants to be a lock-down starter, and is convinced that he's the missing piece to the Hotspur jigsaw puzzle, well, why not?

Shaqiri is a great player and I would really like to see him wearing Lilywhite. SIGN HIM UP, LEVY.