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Aston Villa v. Tottenham Hotspur: lineups and match thread

Spurs take on Aston Villa in what feels like a must-win match for Tottenham Hotspur.

Ian Walton

Happy Sunday morning, everyone! Spurs travel to Villa Park today to take on Aston Villa, a club that hasn't scored in over 500 minutes of open play. It's a match that Spurs desperately need to keep their faint hopes of fourth place alive. Spurs are better than Villa. So what could possibly happen?


So, uh, no Lamela today. Soldado starts, but it's alongside Adebayor. Is this a RUN THE DANG 4-4-2 formation? Did Poche have one too many pumpkin spice martinis at the Halloween party? What's going on? But on the bright side, Kyle Naughton starts at right back, which is a very, very good thing.

No Alan Hutton for Villa, which is sad only because we won't get to make fun of him. Lowton will step in for him.

How to watch:

Americans can watch on NBC Sports Network (or online on Live Extra). Brits can catch it on Sky Sports 1. Canadians can watch on TSN2. Aussies can watch on Fox Sports 1 Australia.

The usual caveats apply: No links to illegal streams, be nice, keep those jerked knees in check. Moderators are on duty, so be nice. Warnings and bans will be in effect for those who violate rules. Most importantly, have fun.