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Thursday Community Hoddle of Coffee

The Hoddle you need and the Hoddle you deserve

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Salmon Chase swam upstream, so y'all are stuck with a community hoddle. It's been a lonely international break, but fear not, we're almost through it. Now I don't want to leave you all alone in here with nothing but your comments. So here's some news.

The News I just mentioned

Breaking the Pyramid: How Pep Guardiola saved football by playing a keeper as a midfielder probably.

Is the Modric Injury a blessing in disguise?: Our own Kevin McCauley asks if this injury to our beloved Luka gives Real Madrid the window they need to buy Jake Livermore.

NXT Open Thread: The best wrasslin' show ever is on tonight. Go read this and get hyped for it.

Wigan hires Malky Mackay: Say what you want about this move, but I think it was mighty white of them.