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DeAndre Yedlin talks about Spurs in new video

He's not even here and he's already bantering about Arsenal. What a guy!

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

DeAndre Yedlin hasn't even suited up for Tottenham Hotspur yet but he's already talking about life in Lilywhite. Yedlin gave a short interview to Copa90 where he talked about how excited he was to sign for Spurs, how moving to north London is "a dream come true" and how he's familiar with the intensity of the North London Derby thanks to his experiences playing Portland while a member of Seattle Sounders.

It's looking pretty darned likely that Yedlin's going to be joining Tottenham in January, though it still hasn't been confirmed by the club. Yedlin is awaiting his Latvian passport, and once he receives it the door will open for him to receive a European Union work permit. Once in North London he'll be a speedy understudy to Spurs right back Kyle Walker, and one presumes Kyle Naughton, unless Naughton gets sold in January himself.

Can you feel the hype yet, everyone?