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Man of the Match - Christian Eriksen

Danish Delight

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Scoring a goal doesn't necessarily mean you should be the man of a match. Scoring a match winner doesn't even mean you should the man of the match. But scoring a match winner in the 90th minute to rescue 3 points on the road? Yeah that'll do it.

Like the rest of the team, Christian Eriksen was not having the best game early on, often misplaying passes and going anonymous for long stretches, but later in the game he was the kind of player we wanted to see. He was the engine of our attack, driving us forward, and involved in a lot of the good work that we were doing. Also he scored a pretty great goal.

It's clear that Eriksen hasn't entirely figured out how to flourish in Pochettino's system but his performance in the second half should serve as a reminder to how good he can be. He may not have been the unbridled perfect and light of our lives that is Harry Kane, but who is?

Anyway, if you need something to build on, you could do worse than a late game winner on the road. Here's hoping he kicks on.