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Spurs linked to Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi

Unfortunately, so are Liverpool, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Bayern Munich.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

As the eternal search for the next great Tottenham Hotspur striker continues, the latest rumor has Levi, Baldini & Co. looking towards Italy. The Express is reporting that Spurs are interested in signing Inter Milan's Mauro Icardi.

Icardi is a young, prolific talent. At only 21 years old, he's scored seven goals in the 11 matches he's started or the Nerazzurri and is generally considered to be a talent on the rise. While he's been involved in some... uh, questionable (think John Terry/Wayne Bridge) off-pitch activities, nobody's really doubting his talent. And since Inter is a hot mess at the moment, "sources in Italy" (lol) are saying that Inter would be open to bids for him. He's rated at £28m.

And now the bad news. It seems when you're a prolific 21-year old striker, other clubs often get interested, too. The article claims Liverpool, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Bayern Munich are all also tracking Icardi. Welp.

These are fun rumors because Icardi would be an awesome addition to Tottenham Hotspur. However, in order for him to land at Spurs he would either have to desperately want to play for Mauricio Pochettino despite the lack of Champions League football, or he would have to have some sort of insane character flaw that would make him unpalatable to the host of other, better clubs that would ply for his services. Or Levy would have to drastically overpay for him. Plus we'd have to find someone to take on Ade's wages. Also, it's reported in the Express.

Yeah, this is dumb.