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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Partizan Belgrade: lineups and match thread

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Let's Europa!

EuroFootball/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Tottenham takes on Partizan Belgrade at White Hart Lane in the Europa League. Win, and Tottenham Hotspur advance out of the group stage to the next round. Lose... well, we won't talk about that.


Well, this is a little surprising. Chiriches and Vertonghen start in central defense, which is perhaps a little disappointing to those hoping for an Eric-Dier-in-his-natural-position start. Dembele-Stambouli is an interesting double-pivot. Aaron Lennon and Paulino get the start today along with Roberto Soldado. Soldado starting means that Harry Kane is being rested for Sunday's match against Everton, which is good. Spurs youth players Dominic Ball and Harry Winks are on the bench, which is also cool. Hopefully they get some time on the pitch.

Assuming you're all not unconscious from tryptophan, the usual rules for match threads apply. No links to illegal streams, no abuse directed towards players or officials. Enjoy the match, everyone!