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Tottenham Hotspur set to extend Ryan Mason's contract

The midfielder's contract expires next summer, but Spurs want to extend it by another two years.

Richard Heathcote

Ryan Mason has been nothing short of a revelation for Tottenham Hotspur this season, and now according to one English newspaper, he's set to be rewarded for his efforts this season.

The London Evening Standard reports that Spurs are expected to invoke a clause in Ryan Mason's contract that will extend his stay with Spurs until 2018, and give him a salary raise as well. Mason's contract reportedly expires at the end of next season, but Spurs have the option to keep him for another two years if they wish.

We always take stories like this with a healthy dose of skepticism until it's announced by the club, but this would make sense if it's true. Mason has been fantastic since breaking into the Spurs first team in the North London Derby in September. He's a Spurs academy player who's risen up through the ranks and has broken into the first team. He appears now to be a lock-down starter in the center of midfield for Mauricio Pochettino. Why wouldn't the club want to keep him around?

The article doesn't indicate anything about what his new salary would be if he agrees to the new contract, but whatever it is, based on his performances thus far this season, he's earned it. Maybe he can use the extra dough to extend that awesome tattoo sleeve on his right arm.