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Ben Davies shoots down loan rumours

Pew Pew

Ian Walton

I know we all thought we finally stabilized our Left Back situation when we bought Ben Davies from Swansea this summer. Well we did, but not quite in the way we intended. Danny Rose, who we all wrote off after last year, has been motivated to play leaps and bounds better, not even giving Davies a real shot at first team football. This has led to some rumors about the Welshman going out on loan. Davies took some time to shoot down those rumors today.

"I'm 100% focused here at the moment and I haven't really thought that far ahead," he said.

"I think it would be silly of me to put that idea into my head right now.

"I've got to prove to everyone here, and to myself really, that I can do a job at this club and that is what I want to do.

"I want to push on as far as I can and be as successful as I can at Spurs."

It's encouraging that Davies' is committed to fighting for a place, but his own performances have played a role in his lack of starts. It's been frustrating seeing him unable to duplicate the form we saw him display in Wales last year. Rose might be the man on form, but Davies has hardly been convinced in the cup matches he has started. That said, it's nice to see he's staying. Regardless of how he's currently playing, he is actually a left back. Which is better than last year's back up options of Naughton and Bad Body Language Vertonghen.

In any case, here's hoping we have two quality left backs fighting for a starting spot in our line up sooner rather than later.