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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For November 5, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with Guy Fawkes.

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Ian Walton

Happy Guy Fawkes Night, Spursland! It's something Americans only know about because of a moderately commercially successful Natalie Portman movie, or because they are really, crushingly, Catholic. Now let's light up those bonfires like you are a Danish person celebrating midsummer. Look at me, bringing in other cultures to this American mess, much like a corrupt Atlantic sea captain just bringing all the stuff to the melting pot without asking permission. I guess that makes me a monster.

And now the "news"

Premier League Clubs' Mid Season Grades- Telegraph

We are going to just skip on past the fact that it isn't mid season yet -- like were are a delightful and obedient child off to Sunday school (of any religious denomination obviously) -- and move on to the miracle that nothing said about our team, including our grade of a C, is inaccurate for once. Way to go, Telegraph!

Verts Celebrates Arsenal Collapse In Twitter- 101 Great Goals

Well it's been awhile since he did something to make us love him, besides being good at stuff. You know what I am saying? If you don't know what I am saying, please consult urban dictionary, I use a lot of lingo that is funky fresh off the streets and sometimes it is hard to keep up, ya dig shmoopy?

Galatasaray Fans Tossing Flares, Lighting Stadiums On Fire...- SB Nation Soccer

...breathing oxygen.

Sanchez Is Already Arsenal's Most Important Player- SB Nation Soccer

Andi Thomas is always right, however I would suggest a minor alteration so that this reads "Sanchez has been Arsenal's most important player for weeks."

Dropping Gerrard Might Be A Good Decision At A Bad Time- SB Nation Soccer

Andi Thomas might be too smart for me because I don't know how this math works. I don't know how most math works.  Like I can do division of almost anything in my head, but I can't diagram the steps for you on paper.