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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links November 6, 2014

Salmon Chase is salty this morning.

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Richard Heathcote

Happy Thursday, Spursland! And for once it is actually Thursday as I am writing this.  Can you feel the authenticity? Can you feel how STUPID IT IS FOR PRINCE HARRY KANE TO PLAY IN GREECE OR WHEREVER IT IS WE ARE PLAYING? Because it is murdering my [Ed: let's go with "kidneys"], that's how stupid it is.  It caused me to write that sentence. Consider its chances of making it past the quality control people and then making me decide I didn't care. [Ed: the editorial staff at Cartilage Free Captain hereby disassociates itself from any individual parts of Salmon Chase's anatomy.]

And now the "news"

Spurs back Paulinho To Get Over World Cup-Telegraph

No word yet on if they are backing him to get over all those games he played in (allegedly) last year.

Poche Relishing Pressure-Sky Sports

But is he mustarding it?  Screw you, I had a killer set last night, so I am entitled to some stinkers today.

Arsenal Forgot The Good Way To Be Bad-SB Nation Soccer

Andi Thomas, as I have unabashedly stated often, is never ever wrong.  however I have no idea what is going on here. It's like title is an anagram, or a limerick.

Please Don't Click This Link-SB Nation Soccer

I guess this is what you do when you aren't in the A team.

3 NCAA Emails About Penn State Show NCAA Is Dumb-SB Nation

I haven't had time to read this.  I just assume it is important and having dealt with the NCAA, I know this is going to be dumb.