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Christian Eriksen impresses in a SpursTV Crossbar Challenge video

Wow, that's mighty impressive.

Richard Heathcote

Christian Eriksen is good at football. If you had any doubts at all about his skill, you can check out this video posted today on Tottenham Hotspur's website.

Eriksen, Ryan Mason, and Danny Rose all competed in a "crossbar challenge" where the three competed to see how many shots they could ping off the crossbar from around the top of the box. Our Danish midfield maestro put TEN SHOTS OUT OF TWELVE off the bar, compared to Mason (2 of 6) and Rose (1-5). Very impressive, Christian.

I love these training videos, though I sometimes wonder why professional footballers work on these kinds of shots that are essentially competitive practice on how to NOT score a goal. But you know, it does take a lot of skill to put the ball exactly where you want to and with that level of precision.

If Eriksen puts five posts off the crossbar Sunday against Stoke, maybe I'll be a little concerned. For now, that's a hella impressive video. Watch it below!