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Man of the Match - Roberto Soldado


Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur had their most complete performance of the season against Everton this weekend. There are many players who played a key role in that victory. It wouldn't have been possible without the guile of Harry Kane, the inventiveness of Christian Eriksen, the surprising stability of Vlad Chiriches, or the selfless work of Aaron Lennon. Any of these men might be the man of the match in some soulless evaluation of the match, based on numbers, tactics, or reason. But to me, there is only one clear choice. Roberto Soldado is the man of the match ... in my heart.

Roberto hadn't scored in the league since March. This year he had only managed to score in the league cup and against the dregs of the Europa league. He couldn't even put the ball in the net celebrating other people's goals. It was hard for even the worst Arsenal fan to not feel a pang of sympathy for our Spaniard.

But that's what made it awesome when he scored in first half stoppage time to give us what would become the winning goal. The cheer in the stadium was amazing, the team's celebration was great, and his joy was palpable. It was awesome, and super adorable, and made me really happy for Roberto and his sort of CM Punk haircut, and shut up I'm not tearing up it's getting dusty in here leave me alone.

Anyway, it was a great goal. Here's hoping it is the first of many.