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Kyle Walker is almost back!!!

The fastest right back alive!

Ian Walton/Getty Images

I hope Kyle Walker knows that it's Istanbul, not Constantinople cause he's going there to play some football y'all! After 9 months on the shelf, the fastest man alive is coming back the Tottenham's defense!

I know it was impossible to imagine that Walker's year could get worse after being started as a CM against Chelsea turned into something much worse when he got an abdominal injury. The injury wouldn't just end his season, but it would cost him a world cup, and months under Spurs' new manager.

So far this year, we've been playing a hodge podge of replacements, ranging from a 19 year old center back to Vlad the Lad to a red card magnet with nice hair. Last year we all lamented the lack of Danny Rose on the left. Our lack of a real left back was hurting us and we all dreamed that Danny Rose would fix everything. That proved not to be more hope than realism speaking. The difference this year is that Kyle Walker has a track record and while it might take a few games to get back up to speed, we know for a fact what kind of difference he can make in our team, particularly a team that likes to use attacking fullbacks to provide width in attack.

So here's hoping that this Thursday's Europa League tie will be a good spring board to Kyle 1's return to full health and Tottenham's back line.