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Watch Christian Eriksen score a Zidane turn back-heel goal in training!

OMG Christian I love you

Guys. GUYS. YOU GUYS. HEY GUYS. Remember that time? When Christian Eriksen was caught on video in training absolutely wrecking a guy by performing a freakin' Zidane turn and then back-heeling the ball in to the back of the net?

That was awesome.

This was taken from a Spurs TV training video posted today on YouTube. I went ahead and embedded the YouTube video and time-marked the Eriksen goal for you because I am a kind benevolent blogger who wants only the best things for our readers and wishes to share awesome stuff like this with you. And while this is no 20 yard rabona it's still a Zidane turn and it's still Christian Eriksen and it's still something that I want to see happen in a real match with real goals that actually count.

Christian, we know you have mad awesome skills. Think you could actually do this in a match? This weekend against Swansea would be fantastic, thanks.