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Lights go out in Istanbul in Europa League match between Spurs and Besiktas

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Incredible. Just a few minutes into the match between Besiktas and Tottenham Hotspur, there was a power outage at the Ataturk Stadium and the floodlights went dark. So what do the Turkish fans do? They whip out their cellphones and Bic lighters.

Play has been suspended while the Turkish fans pretend they're at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. In the meantime, the players have left the pitch. FREEBIRD! FREEEEEEEEE BIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRD!

UPDATE: Tottenham says that they expect the lights back on within a few minutes.

UPDATE 2: The lights are back on! After a brief warm-up for the players, the match has now resumed. Expect A BILLION MINUTES OF EXTRA TIME.

UPDATE 3:  It happened again!! In the 87th minute, the lights went out again and play was suspended for a second time.