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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links December 12, 2014

News and links for your Friday.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! What can be said about yesterday that hasn't be said?

How amazing is it that it somehow made this song kind of relevant again even for 6 seconds, that's what.

Kevin Owens level swerve right there folks.

And now the "news"

Poche Calls Power Outages Laughable-BBC

Well I am glad he found something to laugh about because it is the general consensus of the writers room that we are a lock to go up against Zenit and Poche's predecessor.  And losing to that guy would result in either zero, or all of, the LOLs.

Sherwood Walks Back Verts Comments-Here In The City

It doesn't matter that you are walking back your comments you just need to shut up and move on. That or make this your shtick. Actually that would be hilarious, he just mo*******ks everyone who he has worked with in the past.  Like he isn't even calling a Spurs game, and just casually transition from talking about West Ham's midfield partnership to how Daniel Levy's favorite fruit is something pretentious like a jack fruit. [Editor's note: SOMEbody just watched this week's Top Chef, didn't he?]

Confusing Sports Sign-SB Nation Soccer

It turns out to be not that confusing and more of an incredibly inside joke that to many people put eyes on.  Speaking of that I wonder what the boss would have written in the ban message had someone gotten flagged TWENTY FOUR times in one day. [Editor's note: that was some of my best ever work.]

It Turns Out When The Lights Go Out, It's This Guy That Shows You What It's All About-SB Nation Soccer

It gives me the shivers worse than then when I heard they were making a second Paul Blart movie.

Watch Manny Paquiao Sing "Let it Go"-SB Nation

It was either this or post about Kevin Owens turning on Sami Zayn, but that would make Skipjack happy and that goes against my religion.