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Weekend football open thread

It's football time!

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Welcome back to another thrilling edition of the Premier League. A half a dozen matches are on in the early game, but unless you're one of the lucky folks with a cable provider that has overflow channels, you're stuck watching Chelsea take on Hull at home. Yes, the powers that be have decided that one of the three least competitive matches of the season is what viewers want to watch.

Meanwhile Aston Villa is taking on West Bromwich Albion in the West Midlands Derby, but nobody cares about the West Midlands so you'll probably have to miss it. But if you can watch, it's probably worth checking out. Sure it's a couple of midtable teams, but it's a derby match and therefore it will automatically be exciting.



10:00 ET Burnley vs. Southampton
10:00 ET Chelsea vs. Hull City
10:00 ET Crystal Palace vs. Stoke City
10:00 ET Leicester City vs. Manchester City
10:00 ET Sunderland vs. West Ham United
10:00 ET West Bromwich Albion vs. Aston Villa
12:30 ET Arsenal vs. Newcastle


08:30 ET Manchester United vs. Liverpool
11:00 ET Swansea City vs. Tottenham Hotspur

So come on by and hang out and chat with your fellow commentariat. As always, play nice and please don't share links to illegal streams.