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Man of the Match - Christian Eriksen

Mad Libs for Man of the Match

Stu Forster/Getty Images

This past [day of the weekend] Tottenham Hotspur were [past tense verb] by Chrstian Eriksen with his [adjective] winner. This is beginning to become [adjective] for Spurs as the Danish [noun] finds ways to score [adjective] goals, [ing verb] his team when they [verb] it most.

Playing on the road against [English Premier League team], Spurs were looking not very [good/ much like a professional football team]. After [something Harry Kane did] Tottenham failed to [verb] the [noun] before [English Premier League team] could [verb] them. Tottenham was terrorized by [player] even as they [past tense verb] for [Gylfi Siggurdson] to [verb] them in their [noun]on the break. After [weathering/surviving] the [shellacking/typical first half] early, Tottenham [past tense verb] a goal that was [inevitable/coming/written in the stars].

Despite this [Christian Eriksen/Danish Jesus] marshaled Tottenham's previously [adjective] attack late. After [short period of time] of sustained pressure, Eriksen received a pass from [not one of the players it should have been from], found some [noun] in the box and [past tense verb] a [beautiful/amazing/orgasmic] shot into the back of the [noun].

This is becoming a [noun] for Spurs on the road. It remains to be seen if Eriksen can bring these last minute [heroics/miracles] to White Hart Lane where the fans are [ing verb] for [noun] and [adjective] [noun] before they [verb] their [banter].