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Tottenham Hotspur responds to critical comments from Andre Villas-Boas

Club responds to comments from the former manager

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Last night, former Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas decided to reveal some of the unsavory details about his tenure at Spurs on Portuguese TV. Well, today it would seem that his former employer decided to return the favor.

Ahead of their League Cup quarterfinal match against Newcastle, Tottenham briefed several reporters on what they saw as discrepancies in what AVB chose to make public. Simon Peach has the most compete accounting.

Tom Collomosse from the Standard also added this juicy nugget.

Most of this lines up with the things that made me suspicious about AVB's comments. Van der Vaart is on record as saying that AVB forced him out the door. While we absolutely sold him at the right time (when's the last time you heard about him doing anything good at Hamburg?), it was strange to see AVB group him with two players that we were actually under pressure to sell.

As far as the unrealistic targets, I'm not sure if the people AVB mentioned by name were completely unrealistic, but his lack of awareness regarding the difficulties of getting players targeted by clubs like Cheslea is a little strange. But then again, he didn't seem to realize that his comments might elicit exactly this kind of response from Spurs, who can't be happy to be talking about this, particularly on a game day.

If Spurs are willing to leak this right before a match, God only knows what we'll see later on, especially if AVB says anything else. As Bart Scott once said: Can't Wait.