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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links December 18, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with weirdness.

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Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Chanukah, Spursland! Yesterday might have been the weirdest day since I got here. In the same day, THE SAME DAY, Soldado scored and the U.S. started to normalize relations with Cuba. And on top of all of that, nobody, AND THE FISH MEANS NOBODY, can have anything bad to say about our team today. Oh wait, that's not all, we might be about to get oil bucks. What else weird could happen?

The answer is Kim Kardashian displaying meaningful talent at something, in case you were wondering.

We would have also accepted Ryan Rosenblatt showing a preference for things not Southern California oriented.

And now the "news"

Roman's Attitude Cost Chelsea The Title, Says AVB- Guardian

Just so you know, AVB, or as I am now calling him "The Other Tim Sherrwood," wasn't only shitting on one of his former employers yesterday. Cue up the music, baby, because we are not alone.

DC United Stadium Vote Passes- Red And Black United

Oh, apparently more things we all assumed were never going to happen until after we die happened yesterday.

FIFA Is Still Really Corrupt- SB Nation Soccer

FIFA corruption is like Inception. You think you went to the deepest layer you can get to ... and then you go down another level. Did that make sense? I hope so because I never saw that movie. What would be the spinny thing for FIFA in this metaphor? Sepp Blatter's Viagra pills?

Vigaray Takes On An Entire Team, Wins- SB Nation Soccer

Was everyone playing defense named Ted? #callbacks

China Now Making Soccer A Mandatory Activity At Schools- SB Nation Soccer

You may be thinking that making soccer as a university entrance exam option sounds stupid, but you can guatantee they are reading a chemistry book while they are doing that.