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Pochettino hails Spurs' performance and White Hart Lane crowd

The magic of the cup, innit?

Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur dominated Newcastle United in the Carling Rotating Sponsorship Cup yesterday, putting together their most comprehensive performance of the season in the 4-0 victory.

Manager Head coach Mauricio Pochettino had plenty of praise for his players and the performance, but he also made sure to single out the team's 12th man for their role in the victory:

'It was a fantastic night. I'm very happy because that was first time the relationship between the team and the supporters was there at White Hart Lane,' he said.

'That was maybe our best performance under me. We know Tottenham have tradition in the cups and this victory was important for us. We needed this victory and performance for our supporters. Our players needed to feel that atmosphere.'

Spurs have struggled at White Hart Lane this season, with a series of poor performances and angry fans turning what should be the team's fortress into a bit of a nightmare for everybody involved. But good feelings were in the air last night, as the team played some sparkling football and the fans loved every minute of it.

Pochettino, current players, former players, Adebayor, Spurs fans, opposition coaches, the media, and probably the Queen have all voiced concerns with the atmosphere surrounding Spurs' home games this season, and the cause and effect of the numerous boo boys in the home crowd have been discussed ad nauseam.

But not today. Today we are coming off the back of a wonderful home victory with the crowd in full voice and nobody has anything to be unhappy about anywhere. The Lane is truly a magical place when everyone's pulling together in the same direction, and last night was the kind of day that makes being a Spurs supporter special. So it's nice to see Coachettino take a minute to applaud the crowd and thank them for their support.

Hopefully we can see that relationship between the team and the supporters blossom as the season goes on and results start to come together.

Or we lose to Burnley and the fans give White Hart Lane the Archway Steel treatment. It could go either way.