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Christmas Eve Eve Eve Community Hoddle of Coffee

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Spread the good cheer!

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Happy Monday, Spursland! It is I, Dustin, with another fast collection of Tottenham news and links. No sign of Salmon Chase today as he's probably busy stringing his comedy microphone with garlands and mistletoe. That's okay. Here's a few links to get you going while you fortify that egg nog.

And now, the "news"

Tottenham join the race to sign Alex Telles -

It's not clear why we'd want to sign a 22-year old left back when we have Ben Davies and Danny Rose. Old rumor habits are hard to break, I guess?

Kane targets 20 goals and finishing above Arsenal -

Harry, you already have 14 goals and we're tied with Arsenal. Stop setting your sights so low.

Roma request Vlad Chiriches on loan -

Well... bye.