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Gary Lineker backs Harry Kane to be Spurs and England great

Look out folks, It's HurriKane season!

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Harry Kane has been in imperious form this season, scoring like a million goals and being basically awesome all the time. Spurs youth team devotees have been excited about his potential for years, but this season has seen Kane erupt fully into the mainstream and the hype machine just won't quit. He is circling the fringes of the England squad at present, and it seems only a matter of time before the 21 year-old gets his first call up.

One man who thinks Kane's got the goods to succeed at the top is Spurs-and-England-legend-turned-pundit Gary Lineker.

"He could go on to become a great goalscorer for Tottenham and possibly England as well," said Lineker. "I like him a lot. I like his movement, his work rate, his desire to score goals and his confidence to take people on.

"He is good in the air, he has a good touch, he can beat people and he has clearly got a bit of intelligence.

"If he had an extra yard of pace, you would say he had everything."

Lineker points out the obvious and informs the world that Harry Kane is pretty much the total package. Great movement, lovely technique, excellent work rate, and above all grit and belief. He's good in the air, he's good with his feet, he can beat defenders, he can do basically everything except run really fast. And Lineker knows that...

Wait a minute. "Could" become a great goalscorer? "Possibly" play for England? What is this, Gary? He's one yard of pace away from having everything. Is that not enough for you, Gary? He needs that ess-ee-see speed, or he's not good enough? Stop hedging.

Harry Kane is the best and you know it.

"It's not always easy for young talent coming through and it's good that he has been given a chance.

He has forced his way in through his performances in the Europa League.

"It got to the stage where he couldn't be left out of the team any longer and now you would probably say he was the first-choice centre-forward"

Ok, that's a little better. But mind your p's and q's, buddy.