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Tottenham Hotspur Christmas carols for the Spurs fan in your life

Let's sing!

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Merry/Happy Christmas, Tottenham Hotspur fans! If you're like me you're not around much today, but are spending the day with family, opening presents, eating well, and celebrating the holiday season. But hey, sometimes a special occasion calls for something extra.

Below are a few meager verses of some Tottenham Christmas carols. Feel free to sing these while holding a glass of mulled wine before a roaring fire, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

ENIC you a merry Christmas!

* Editor's note: these poems are parody only and do not reflect any actual opinions of Cartilage Free Captain or any of its writers. Just enjoy them for what they are and have a chuckle or two maybe.

O Little Town of Tottenham

O little town of Tottenham
About your club we sing
If we can splash a little cash
A stadium we'll bring

But on these mean streets burning
Now Archway is aglow
The metalworks was full of jerks
And said they will not go!

O Christian E, O Christian E

O Christian E, O Christian E
Your passing is so glorious
O Christian E, in you I see
A Tottenham victorious!
The way you shoot, so laissez faire!
Your awesome skills, your sexy hair!
O Christian E, O Christian E
A player meritorious!

Just Go, Just Go Emmanuel

Just go, just go Emmannuel
The striker that we cannot sell
That stays in lowly exile here
Until a prince of Qatar appears!

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Emmanuel may soon be gone
From Tottenham!

Jolly Ol' Bill Nicholson

Jolly Ol' Bill Nicholson
Rolling in his grave
Thinking of what ENIC's done,
The club he could not save!

Levy sold our Gareth Bale
StubHub rules the day,
It isn't about glory now:
Profit all the way!

In the Bleak Mid-table

In the bleak mid-table
Tottenham lies low
If the club were able
Higher we would go

Used to be a club here,
Hoddle, Bale, and King
Though we lose to West Brom
Still to them we'll sing!