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Writers Prediction League: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United

The writers at Cartilage Free Captain predict the result for Tottenham Hotspur's match vs. Manchester United.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Streakin'! A Christian Eriksen goal free kick goal and some help from the officials gave Tottenham their third consecutive league win over Leicester on Boxing Day. The win kept Spurs on even points with 6th placed Arsenal, and moved them to just two points behind 4th placed Southampton. Harry Kane and Eriksen are in blazing form, tallying a goal each in the match, but the defense looked incredibly shaky against the Foxes. Can Spurs defense hold form against one of the most dangerous attacking teams in the league?

In the way today is an arrival from Manchester United, currently sitting third in the table. The Red Devils have been dominant of late, picking up 22 of 24 points in their last eight league matches. The key to the resurgence has been keyed by the emergence of the United attack, as the likes of Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Falcao, and Juan Mata have all started to gel. United's defense is still a question though, as the likes of Jonny Evans, Paddy McNair, and Phil Jones have all shown frailties this season.  Can United keep their hot streak going in a tough road bout?

As for the Prediction League, Ben's took the league lead with a perfect prediction last week. The rules remain the same in the Prediction League -- one point for a correct prediction and a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here are the current standings:

Ben Daniels 16
Michael Caley 15
Ryan 12
Brett Rainbow 11
Dominic Wood 11
Salmon Chase 10
Kevin 9
Mechanick 9
Bryan A. 8
Skipjack 7
Dustin Gerber Martin 7

This week's predictions:

Dustin Gerber Martin: I think we're good enough to get a result. Just not good enough to get a win. 1-1 Draw.

Kevin: United sucks, 3-0 Spurs

Mechanick: I don't think the Spurs' defense can hang with the United attack. 3-2 United

Ryan: I've wrestled crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously. 2-2 Draw.

Bryan A.: 3-1 United. We had to work too hard and played too many first team guys against Leicester. Easy victory for United.

Salmon Chase: 2-1 Spurs. Just because I like being wrong.

Ben Daniels: Spurs aren't good but just maybe United aren't either.... 2-1 Spurs

Dominic Wood: 2-1 United. I really hope Spurs sign this Bill Brasky guy in the window.

Michael Caley: Still don't believe in Manchester United. Maybe they really are magic, but I don't believe in magic. 2-1 Spurs.

Skipjack: 3-1 United. Charge of the Fazio brigade.

Brett Rainbow: Neither of these teams look like they can defend. 2-2 Draw.