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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links December 29, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links.

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Happy Monday Spursland!  So now it is clear, Lloris is gone if the big guys want him.  Look at me raining on your parade. You know why? Because statistically speaking there are a handful of people reading this that just decided that Spurs were the horse to which they would hitch their wagon and they should know the truth up front, free of coddling.  You'd understand if you just sent a day trying to play LIFE with my 11 year old cousin who cried because she drew the split level house.  Sorry you are reacting poorly because your dad was soft on you for too long Ronnie, and now everyone in the family feels bad for you, not because of your rotten luck, but because your emotional growth was stunted by a weak father figure. I'm not letting that happen to the newbies!

So Lloris is gone now, deal with it like an adult! The rest of us have been through the drill, Carrick, Berbatov, Modric, Bale, and that's just my personal list, it goes on and on!

And now the "news"

Ron Henry, Tottenham double Winner Passes At 80-BBC

Happy trails sir, you will be missed.

Lloris Unbeatable As Spur Draw United-Telegraph

Glad someone has finally noticed.

Poche In No Hurry To Buy-Sky Sports

Someone has been to the Dan Levy school of transfer negotiations and from the looks of it memorized his entire play book.  Welcome to the team big hos.

Relegation Battle Shaken Up By The Sack Race-SB Nation Soccer

It seems to me that, and just guessing here, but the relegation "battle" is only being talked about right now by soccer reporters who probably have some incredibly non lucrative bet on the line.  Like a 3 dollar parlay that Leicester are relegated, Liverpool win the title, and John Terry gets arrested with a male prostitute in the car.  Yes the sex of the prostitute matters if changes the odds and the kind of people that take this kind of action are not that forgiving!

AC Milan Make Torres Deal Permanent-AC Milan Offside

Come on the stripper on season 1 of Rock of Love made a better decision getting Brett's name tattooed on her neck.  And Yes I maintain that show would have been somehow more entertaining if it was with Collin Quinn instead of Brett Michaels.

Balotelli Missed Meeting With Mourhino To Watch F 1-SB Nation Soccer

Nobody is surprised, everybody is going to make ______ gonna________ jokes.  because people are awful.