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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For December 3, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, HOT TAKE EDITION.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Happy Spursday Spursland! Yes, today we play Chelsea, so of course this was the day for me to release #hottakes The Salmon Chase Edition; Episode 2. For those who were here for Episode 1, I believe you saw me make the case that Spurs should sell Sandro while he still had some stock left in him because he didn't fit where we were going forward and was made out of balsa wood. And I got HAMMMMERED in the comments. I was cursed and lambasted. It was the biggest commenter uprising (non-Skipjack division) since The Roosevelts got death threats over his stupid Tim Tebow jokes. Well look who looks smart now, eh?

So now on to the hot takes: Lamela should be sold/be sent out on a high profile loan to seal deal at the end of this season.

I think we finally saw the type of team and the combination of players that will be buttering our bread for the next few seasons on Sunday. And you may have noticed that Lamela, quality player with lots of skill that he is, proved to be not a good fit for that team. He can't play defense at all, he can't tackle and he gets muscled off the ball. Lets cash out what we can, preferably after loaning him back to Italy where he WILL own everyone to inflate his price, so we can get some money back on this guy who will cost too much to not start in the future.

Drops microphone laptop.

And now the "news"

Chelsea vs Tottenham: You Choose The Squad- We Ain't Got No History

Oh man, how long before the masthead over here steals this bit. You know, for the comedy. At least for them. Get it? Because they look down on you guys. Not me though. I consider myself merely the first among equals.

Costa Absence Means Nothing, Says Poche- Sky Sports

... uh ... eh. I mean wow. Uh sir ... have you seen Chelsea play at all this season?

Don Garber's State Of The League- RSL Soap Box

Highlights for me? I am inching closer to winning my bet with Skipjack on how long it will take before Garber avails himself of the services of the Hair Club for Men.

The Stats Behind The Breathtaking Rush Of Bayer Leverkusen- SB Nation Soccer

If you read my #hottake and thought "hmm this doesn't seem to be supported by actual facts," well you are right. And if you want evidence in numeric form then you need to look to Stat Kingpin Michael Caley. For example, check out this tidy article.

This Keeper Is Not Good- SB Nation Soccer

I can't understand how this happened.