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Harry Kane was Tottenham Hotspur's Man of the Match against Chelsea

The striker put on a show, even if he didn't get a ton of support.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

It's crazy to think that it was only a month ago that Harry Kane couldn't get a start in the league. He was too young, or couldn't handle it, or some other nonsense. Now he goes into a match at Stamford Bridge against first place Chelsea and is Spurs' best player.

Of course.

Kane started the match by hitting the crossbar. He also fired just wide and on top of that, held the ball, drew free kicks, earned corner kicks and caused problem after problem for a Chelsea defense that was otherwise entirely comfortable for long stretches of the match. And when you're doing that while the defense is gifting goals and the midfield is handing the ball to the opposition, you have a pretty good case for your team's Man of the Match.

Kane was Spurs' Man of the Match against Chelsea, and it wasn't particularly close.

Unfortunately for Tottenham, the reason it wasn't particularly close is because they didn't play very well. Vlad Chiriches and Aaron Lennon were at fault on a goal, Hugo Lloris on another and Jan Vertonghen on the third. Ryan Mason gave the ball away time and time again, Erik Lamela struggles continued and Christian Eriksen was invisible far too often. That makes for slim pickings, although Ben Davies had a decent match and Nabil Bentaleb had moments. Still, this was an easy call for Kane.

Most encouragingly, Kane did this all as a lone striker. There have been some concerns about whether he can play alone up top. Could he handle the physicality? Could he retain the ball? Could he distribute? Could he make himself available? Could he do all that and still get himself in front of goal to be the go-to goalscorer?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. He could do all of that. He did do all of that, minus the goalscoring, but he came closer than anyone else on the team.

It wasn't long ago that Kane struggled to get playing time, but not anymore. He is the team's best striker and it's not particularly close.

It doesn't matter if he is playing home or away. It doesn't matter if he is playing Hull or Chelsea. It doesn't matter if he is alone up top or with a partner.

Kane is Tottenham's top man.