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Pochettino responds to Tim Sherwood's comments disparaging Jan Vertonghen


Ian Walton/Getty Images

Tim Sherwood opened his mouth again, which is always a bad sign. Tottenham's loquacious former manager had some rather not-nice things to say about Jan Vertonghen during Spurs' loss to Chelsea on Wednesday in his role as television pundit, and Tottenham's current manager Mauricio Pochettino called him out on it.

"Vertonghen is so poor," said Tim. "Can't move his feet. He looks elegant with the ball but he just can't defend, this guy."


When asked to comment about Sherwood's comments on Vertonghen, and holy crap who wouldn't ask that question of  Pochettino after the grenade Sherwood threw, Poche had this to say, according to the Mail:

"People can have their opinions but I am very happy with Jan.

I am not aware of these comments. I give my opinions in private. I think Jan in his first season was maybe the best central defender in England.

Maybe last season he was not as good but he is still a very important player for us."

You hear that, Sherwood? Maybe he wasn't that good LAST season. You know, when YOU were managing him? OOH SICK BURN! Also, NO UR A DOO-DOO DUMMY STINKY POOPY-FACE, TIM SHERWOOD.

Jan Vertonghen couldn't be reached for comment because he was too busy keeping Samuel Eto'o and Romelu Lukaku in his pocket. Because he's good.

I really really hope Tim Sherwood gets a job with a Premier League club soon so I can laugh at him every time he loses.