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Weekend football open thread

Football time!

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Welcome back to another exciting weekend of hot Premier League action. The matches are coming thick and fast as we enter the hurly-burly of the Hanukkah period (suck it, gentiles).

Today's action kicks off with Chelsea heading to St. James's's Park where they haven't won in a few games, and people somehow seem to think this means Newcastle aren't going to get annihilated. (If they don't, we're gonna feel even stupider after Wednesday) (Ed. - oh god why are we so bad?!).

After Spurs take on Palace, the late game sees Everton head to Manchester City in what is sure to be a football match. But for those of you with the guts to venture outside the friendly confines of the Premier League, Bayern Munich take on the completely crazy and fun Bayer Leverkusen at the same time.

Back in the EPL on Sunday, top four rivals West Ham and Swansea play each other. So that's something.

So come on down and hang out in the comments. Please play nice and don't share links to illegal internet streams.