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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag - Mailbag Drift

Give us your Q's and we'll give you our A's

Crouching Poche, Hidden Boas
Crouching Poche, Hidden Boas
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Spurs battled valiantly on Saturday to keep out the mighty Crystal Palace. Spurs weathered a ferocious onslaught and remain undefeated for the past one matches. Unlike Arsenal. Mind the gap whaaaaaat.

We'll be talking about this steadfast and heroic performance, plus look ahead to the Europa League where we'll surely be knocked out to finally give us time to focus on proper competitions instead. We'll also preview Sunday's reunion with Gylfi Sigurdsson and probably talk excessively about Tom Carroll. If we're feeling really bold, we'll look back at our brave defeat against the unconquerable Chelsea and pat ourselves on the back for a respectable 3-0 loss.

If you have questions about the match, the varied and exciting hairstyles at Tottenham Hotspur, or just want to know why Skipjack is the worst, leave 'em here. If you're lucky, you might get the chance to become famous on the internet if we answer your question.

Drop your Q's here in the comments, or hit us up on the twitter machine.