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A reminder that Lewis Holtby is great

Tottenham Hotspur loaned Lewis Holtby instead of selling him. That was a good decision.

Michael Regan

During the January transfer window, there were all kinds of rumors that Tottenham Hotspur were going to sell Lewis Holtby. Borussia Dortmund apparently declined to pay €6m and Schalke presumably could have got him for the same price if he truly was offered to Dortmund for that amount. A couple of reports stated that his move to Fulham would be permanent, not a loan.

Eventually, Holtby was sent on loan. That's probably a good thing. He gave everyone a reminder of the skill he has with the ball during Fulham's 2-2 draw with Manchester United on Sunday. Here's his assist on Steve Sidwell's goal.

It's worth noting that Holtby played large portions of this game on the left wing, a position he hasn't played much for Spurs, but that he did play quite a bit of in the Bundesliga. He likes to come deep to find the ball and he's very adept at playing long diagonals, two skills that were useful for his role in this game.

Lewis is still awesome. I'm hoping he comes back and finds a role next year.