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On the Hugo Lloris to Arsenal shenanigans: Olivier Giroud is a crappy friend

Maybe Hugo Lloris wants to go to Arsenal. Maybe he doesn't. But why is Olivier Giroud running his mouth?

Mike Hewitt

You've probably seen that Arsenal forward Olivier Giroud is running his mouth about Hugo Lloris potentially joining Arsenal. Here's what he had to say, via Sky Sports.

"Have I asked him (Lloris) to join Arsenal? Yes, I have with Lolo (Laurent Koscielny). He would have liked to, he would quite like to. You will have to ask him the question."

Okay, so obviously Arsenal fans get a chuckle out of this. Tottenham Hotspur supporters get annoyed. Journalists have to ask Lloris a really stupid question and probably get a stock answer.

What they got was mostly a stock answer, but with a tad bit more emotion. Here's Hugo's quote, emphasis mine.

"I heard about that (Giroud's interview). I think maybe some words were twisted, but it is embarrassing. I don't think that, I'm very focused on Spurs' ambition and I am very pleased to play for Spurs. I have too much respect for the club and the Spurs fans to think that kind of thing. Of course I know him very well because we are team-mates in the national team - the same with Laurent Koscielny - but I am a Spurs player and I'm very proud to play here."

It's embarrassing for Lloris to answer this question. During some conversation with the national team or just hanging out during the week, Lloris might have mentioned that he would be willing to play for Arsenal. Or that he'd like to play with Giroud or Koscielny in general. Or that he'd definitely consider leaving if Spurs missed Champions League. These are the kinds of conversations that national team players have with each other all the time, but they usually don't get out unless someone is really angling hard for a move, and trying to force a realistic sale.

But apparently Giroud is that Chatty Cathy from your high school that just can't keep his mouth shut. Remember when you told someone that you like a girl/guy, but you weren't ready to ask them out and you didn't want anyone to know? Olivier Giroud is the jerkface that told the whole school and made you blush when your crush asked you if you really liked them. And then you poured your milk in Olivier's lap because screw him.

It doesn't matter if Lloris is willing to go to Arsenal. He never should have been asked that question because Giroud never should have opened his big mouth. What a crappy friend and teammate.