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Tim Sherwood gets defensive over Frank de Boer comments

Someone doesn't feel confident about keeping their job.

Paul Gilham

Tim Sherwood would like to remain Tottenham Hostpur manager after the end of this season. Just about any respectable manager in the world is being loosely linked to the Spurs job. I take it that Sherwood is following this chatter a bit too closely after he made some choice comments about Ajax manager Frank de Boer.

"It's natural I suppose, it's a big job, but I don't think I would ever tout myself about for a job when someone was already in the hot seat. But if they want to do that, that's up to them. I don't know Frank. I'm not sure. I'm relaxed about it. But it wouldn't be something I would be doing. They just want to put themselves in the frame. Obviously they are not happy with the jobs they are doing if they are touting themselves for the Tottenham job."

This doesn't sound relaxed to me. It's a bit rambling for someone who's relaxed. The pot shot at the end about de Boer not being happy with his current job doesn't exactly scream 'relaxed' either.

I don't want to overreact to a few quotes, but this is mildly worrying. Wasn't the point of giving Sherwood an 18-month contract keeping everyone focused on the job in front of them, not worried about the future? It's not working.