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Happy Valentine's Day, Spurs fans!

Happy Love Day, Spurs fans. Here are your candy hearts.

Denis Doyle

Do you like Necco Sweethearts™ (aka Love Hearts™, conversation hearts, etc.)? Those little sugary candy hearts with the cute messages like "BE MINE" and "UR CUTE"? Shut up, of course you do. The sixth grader that you once were totally remembers that time when you worked up your courage and wrote out a love-letter to that hottie Becky Hofkamp, replacing key words with Sweethearts, and then slipped it into her locker, only to have her then laugh in your face and tell the entire school about you are "a total lame-o." Or was that just me? Junior high sucked.

While I rarely spell out love-letters in candy hearts anymore, I confess that I still love them, even the lame ones like "FAX ME" and "UR RAD." So this Valentine's Day, I thought I'd spend a little time and try and answer the following question: If you were making candy hearts for Tottenham fans, what would they look like?

1. The obvious.

If you're going to make a Spurs conversation hearts collection, these are the ones you absolutely HAVE to include.

8b7p6zt_medium Iecpfes_mediumGxdoeyb_medium Dftj7wu_medium Iygapwp_medium Cmodzod_medium Ghlb1zc_medium Rdgzv9h_medium 8c0zns6_medium

2. Player related.

We love our Tottenham players. These are just a few of the candy heart possibilities.

Yrhntgd_mediumWoe9ecz_medium Yug4hlx_medium Ywy8f7j_medium Fmpwyws_medium K7jofey_medium 0onmv8e_medium8juxsea_mediumZ9zzo8s_mediumUg8nx8p_mediumDhb97qw_mediumRn9runj_medium Tdlrphp_medium Gzwwviz_medium Pkdhlrr_medium Wlrv8ex_medium Mw34r1n_medium

3. When Spurs suck.

Let's face it, Spurs are Spurs and although we all love the club they're going to disappoint us. Just like in a real relationship, AMIRITE? It would be foolish to make a set of Spurs-centric Sweethearts without including a few of these.

Dip1wqd_medium Oc3zeiw_medium N9sf7fm_mediumRvq59ih_medium Nqwlh5w_medium Qizfuly_mediumTam0hp1_medium B8kzdxi_medium Kbcl3jy_medium 5soem5l_mediumLg8w6fs_medium Gbilppr_medium Narft48_medium

4. Inside Jokes.

For the Commentariat member close to your heart.

Wi4muq4_medium 4ydu0qn_medium Zfnu6pa_mediumYguxl7f_medium Benzgxc_medium Raiefgj_medium Oatoezs_medium Qhtbh8l_mediumGjjlruw_medium

5. For the Cartilage Free Captain Staff.

Because everyone needs a personalized heart.

L6cayyr_mediumGq3l2xt_medium Kmnwdbe_medium Uypgpic_mediumNzdwzdv_mediumLpvzzw9_medium Dkea3df_medium16s3eav_medium 1dlf1zv_medium Whsc676_medium Kgxfm67_medium Mbj7fkq_medium

6. Miscellaneous football.

Because it's not always about Spurs, right?

Jsgct05_medium Gjubf5u_medium 523svc5_medium Esh6fyn_medium Tssdhmx_medium

So, these have potential. Kickstarter campaign, anyone?