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Nacer Chadli has an excellent attitude

Our newest Belgian is saying all the right things.

Steve Bardens

Nacer Chadli had an opportunity to head to Swansea City on loan in January, which probably would have seen him start every game and lock down a certain place in the Belgian national team, but he opted to stay. It might not have been the best move for his short-term career, but he has eyes on things beyond starting in the World Cup, and it sounds like he's very focused on Spurs.

Metro had quotes from Chadli about why he decided not to go, and it's encouraging stuff for Spurs fans.

‘I had to make a decision and my decision was to stay. Everything was not clear so I wanted to stay at Tottenham and play for my club. I have signed for five years and I'm happy. When I came to Spurs, I knew I wasn't going to play in every game as we have 60 matches in a season. I came and got injured, played, got injured again and so I haven't played as much as I have wanted, but we have a big squad with a lot of good players and we have to compete with each other. I have to work hard in training and show it when I play.'

Chadli's fit again, and he's being rewarded with some occasional run-outs. And if he can duplicate his insane goal against Newcastle, he's going to find himself getting more chances in the team. Especially given Erik Lamela's injury problems and Aaron Lennon's lack of form.