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Roberto Soldado deserves your support

Our out-of-form once-record signing has a pretty great attitude.

Steve Bardens

Roberto Soldado missed a pretty awful sitter against Dnipro on Thursday. He's missed quite a few chances he should have scored this season, but this miss was probably his worst. His finishing has been very disappointing since he joined Tottenham Hotspurbut after reading this message on his Instagram, I think it's worth reminding everyone that he's a pretty cool dude who's worthy of our support.

Muchas gracias por los sms de ánimo. Estoy seguro que con mi ocasión fallada, hubiésemos ganado el partido. Se que la gente espera mucho de mi,y todavía no lo han visto,trabajo para ello y lo conseguiré. Le deseo lo mejor a la gente de Ucrania.

Soldado's English isn't great, so his own translation of that isn't terrific. Luckily, @Spurspanyol, who you should follow, offered up a better translation.

Now start blasting them into the back of the net, Bobby.