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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links February 21, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links that are totally safe for work. Nice going, Ed.

Shaun Botterill

Happy Friday, Spursland! For the purposes of not breaking things, I will be pretending as if yesterday didn't happen, because if sucked and I don't care about it. Ok, I cared about it a little, but it's dumb; caring about it is dumb and it's dumb that Carver from the Wire is currently relegated to a supporting role on Teen Wolf.

And now the "news"

Tim Sherwood Lays Blaim On Poor Pitch-Sky Sports

So I guess I can't pretend yesterday didn't happen. That was a petulant move, but come on. The pitch was poor?  The rest of the country is busy setting fire to things in Kiev. Sorry they couldn't get out there and get the grounds-keeping done. SOMEBODY HAS TO RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

The Miss That Sums Up The Season-Here In The City

Not gonna say anything.

(kicks puppy)

Kyle Naughton Spins Like A Top-SB Nation Soccer

So I guess the pitch worked out pretty well for some.

MLS Buys Chivas-SB Nation

And so ends one of the most embarrassing experiences in all of American sports. It as xenophobic, incompetent and insulting to their fans.

Barca Charged With Fraud over Neymar Transfer Dealings-SB Nation Soccer

Well that was predictable. I mean not then, but back when the rumors of fraud surfaced. I'm more Professor Trelawney, and less of the Oracle.

Toni Kroos, First Team All World Kickball Team-SB Nation Soccer

Bobby Soldier watches this and weeps.

The Women I Thought I Would Marry Turns Out To Be Kind Of Lame-SB Nation Look It

I am heartbroken to announce that Kate Hansen, the love of my Winter Olympics 2014, is not nearly as cool as I thought. She participated in a Jimmy Kimmel hoax and a lame one at that. And to proclaim that Jimmy Kimmel is the Yellow King is an insult to the memory of Reggie Ledoux.