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Saturday football open thread

The EPL is back baby!

Ian Walton

Thank god our long FA Cup weekend nightmare is over and we can once again return to the sanity of Premier League football action on the weekend. Spurs don't play until Sunday, but in the mean time come by and hang out and watch the football happening elsewhere.

On the menu for today (all times EST):

Chelsea v. Everton (7:45 am)

Arsenal v. Sunderland (10:00 am)

Cardiff City v. Hull City (10:00 am)

Manchester City v. Stoke City (10:00 am)

WBA v. Fulham (10:00 am)

West Ham v. Southampton (10:00 am)

Crystal Palace v. Man United (12:30 am)

Play nice in the comments and please no links to illegal streams.